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REGISTRATION IS OPEN fOR THE GET FIT IREDELL KICKBALL TOURNAMENT ON OCTOBER 13!( register at https://bit.ly/2m8HScd ), and there is no charge for this event. Feel free to go ahead and get your team registered! You do not need to know the specific names of your players; as long as you know you will have enough to make a team you can go ahead and sign up with a team name and contact info (you will need to create a free user account in our system). Team managers will receive a blank roster, participant waiver and information forms, and the rules via email when they register.

You can find additional info via our registration link above.

We have a limit of 12 teams, so register now!!

Kickball Rules

1. Regulation Game

1.01 Game lasts five (5) innings. If the Home team already leads the game when the bottom of the final inning is reached, that team wins the game instantly and the game is over.

2. Team/Equipment

2.01 This is a Co-Ed League
2.02 Teams must include at least three (3) females on the field. If a team does not have three (3) females, they must play short and will get an automatic out when that position is reached in the batting order. If you play with less than ten (10) players but have at least three (3) females you do not have to take an automatic out.
2.03 Teams shall consist of a maximum of ten (10) players on the field and a minimum of eight (8) players, including one pitcher and one catcher, with no more than seven (7) men on the field at any time. Rosters have a limit of 15 players.
2.05 Athletic Shoes are required. Metal cleats are not allowed.

3. Pitching

3.01 Balls must be pitched by the hand. The point of release must be no higher than waist level.
3.02 Pitchers must start the act of pitching with at least one foot within the pitching mound; the pitcher must have at least one foot on or directly behind the pitching strip when releasing the ball; no part of pitcher’s front foot may be in front of or across the front edge of the pitching strip.

4. Kicking

4.01 All kicks must be made by foot or leg, below the knee. Any ball touched by the foot or leg below the knee is a kick, and double kicks or kicks off the knee will be considered foul (out). Kickers may not stop the ball with their foot/hand and then kick it.
4.02 All Kicks must occur:
a. At or behind the plate. The kicker may step on home plate to kick, however no part of the plated foot may be in front of or across the front edge of home plate.
b. Within the kicking box. The kicker must have at least a portion of the plant foot within the kicking box during the kick. The kicker may line up outside of the kicking box.

5. Running and Scoring

5.01 Runners must stay within the baseline. Any runner outside the baseline is out:
a. Runners may choose path from one base to the next, and may follow natural running arc;
b. Runners are free to change course to avoid interference with a fielder making a play;
c. When avoiding a tag, runners may mover no more than four (4) feet out of the established path.
5.02 Obstruction: Fielders must stay out of the baseline. Runners hindered by any fielder within the baseline, not making a play for the ball, shall be safe at the base at which they are running to.
5.03 Neither leading off the base nor stealing a base is allowed. A runner may advance once the ball is kicked. A runner off the base when the ball is kicked is out.
5.04 Hitting a runner’s neck or head is not allowed. A runner hit above the shoulders shall be considered safe and will be rewarded an extra base.
5.05 A tag-up is a requirement to retouch or stay on a base until the ball that is kicked into the air is first touched by a defender who attempts to make a catch.
5.06 Runners traveling from home plate may overrun first base, and may only be called out if actively attempting to advance to second base.

6. Strikes

6.01 One pitch per kicker
6.02 A Strike results in an out. A strike is:
a. A pitch that is not kicked and is within one foot of either side of the plate (Strike Zone).
b. An attempted kick missed by the player inside or outside of the Strike Zone.
6.03 A foul ball results in an out.

7. Balls

7.01 A ball advances the kicker to first base.
7.02 A ball is:
a. A pitch outside of the strike zone where a kick is not attempted.
b. A pitch faster than a moderate speed. Umpire’s discretion.

8. Outs

8.01 A count of three (3) outs by a team completes that team’s half of the inning
8.02 An out is:
a. A count of one (1) strike or a foul ball;
b. Any kicked ball (fair or foul) this is caught by a fielder;
c. A Force Out, being the tag by any part of the fielder’s body or base to which a runner is
forced to run, before the runner arrives at the base;
d. A runner touched by the ball or who touches the ball at any time while not on base;
e. A kicker or runner that interferes with the ball;
f. A tag of a base by any part of a fielder’s body, while the fielder has control of the ball,
before the runner originating at that base can tag-up as required due to a caught ball;
g. A runner off base when the ball is kicked;
h. A runner that passes another runner;
i. A runner who misses a base;
J. A runner who is hit with the ball below the shoulders.