My wife and I would definitely qualify as holiday road warriors. With lots of family and friends to visit, it seems like half the season is spent travelling between events, and it also seems like each of those events involves sharing a meal with some tempting and tasty treats included.

I’ve been working on my weight for some time now, and this season and my low-carb lifestyle seem bound to clash. Instead of trying to navigate this maze of events with constant vigilance and a firm stiff-arm out to avoid the temptations, I’m trying to keep the following tips in my mind.

Let me share these thoughts in case they are of help to anyone else:

  • Enjoy those items that are truly special.  Take time and savor every bite of those traditional favorites that help make this time of year.
  • Avoid those snacks and treats that really aren’t that special, but are just conveniently available.
  • Eat until no longer hungry, instead of eating until I’m absolutely bursting at the seams.
  • Plan ahead and bring a few snacks to eat while out shopping or otherwise running around.  This avoids some of the dash & dine options that tend to be full or calories and not that special.

Good luck and wishes for a wonderful celebration to you and yours!

Brett Eckerman

Executive Director

United Way of Iredell County, Inc.